This is PeacemakeR

Five individuals with a variety of shared experiences on and off stage. The time between past projects and Peacemaker was well spent deliberating what it means to be a band: talented, experienced musicians creating together and executing the vision professionally and intentionally.

Each member of Peacemaker brings to the table a unique set of musical influences. When combined, the result is a sound that is as nostalgic as it is distinctive. Bringing together early 2000's warped tour vibes with modern post-hardcore elements, Peacemaker feels at home with punk, rock, alternative, indie, emo, pop punk, metal and hardcore bands.

Peacemaker is committed to writing, recording, and performing at the highest caliber.  After releasing the Roots EP in 2017 and two successful music videos since, Peacemaker is continually honing the sound and approach, and are poised for growth and prepared for new endeavours going forward.